Banana Taipei Banane Birkin Printed Bags


Came across this very fun and cute summer bag by Banane Taipei.  Like the TATA Baby, these bags are photo printed of a Birkin bag.   These bags are made in Taiwan,  and some parts of the bag are handmade as well.  According to their site, they can only make 6 bags in 1 hour, because of their detailed quality control and handmade process.  Price tag at a very reasonable price of $49.99 and for an additional $20, they will ship it to the US. There’s already a long waiting list for this bag.  Interested?

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  1. David Chan, 31. July 2010, 22:31


    Can you tell me where i can get this bag in Taipei? I am going there next week.


  2. Lanky Hui, 1. August 2010, 16:25

    I lived in Melbourne, Australia. Just would like to ask how to purchase the Tiffany Blue banane bag . Please quote me the price if able to make it . Thanks so much & my email address is


  3. missylovely, 1. August 2010, 21:31

    Hi David,

    Here’s the address and contact info in Taiwan:
    ?? +886-2-27545712


    Have a fun trip!

    HI Lanky,

    I do not sell the bags, please email: for inquiry. They ship worldwide.

  4. maggie, 1. August 2010, 21:55


    i live in vancouver canada, just would like to ask you how to purchase the banada taipei banane birkin printed bag. please send me email: . btw, how much is it?


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